El Refugio is a detached house and home to a large family, hence the name Refugio, a place to retreat to. The layout is efficient and spatial, emphasised by various outdoor areas on its south side, overlooking the water canal Weespertrekvaart. Grey water storage is shared with the neighbours and provides 80% of the daily water needs. With the use of thermal storage, PV cells and a heat recovery system, a sustainable home is created. Design: 2015 . construction: 2017 . completion: 2018 . client: private . surface: 300 m2


“My own little lighthouse” is characterised by its three storeys with the living room on the top floor offering spectacular views of the city. Each space is given a special twist by means of atriums, open connections and/or a specific orientation. This is also visible in the elevations where the sleek facades follow a rhythm of open and closed elements. The « folding of the floors » in the elevations brings it all together and a unity is created. Design: 2016 . construction: 2017 . completion: 2018 . client: private . surface: 460 m2


Finished in 2014, the semi-detached house makes maximal use of the space available. Its layout has a compact core standing in the middle, containing closets, bathroom or storage. It is a home built to last with the best structure, high-quality insulation and sealing, a balanced ventilation system, solar collectors and daylighting techniques. This synergy of building elements and techniques (i.e. architectural, mechanical and structural) we apply to all our designs. Design: 2011-2012 . construction: 2013 . completion: 2014 . client: private . surface: 180 m2 per dwelling


Stylish and cheerful with warm, durable and natural materials: Roodkapje is a pleasure to live in. The patio house is characterised by a nostalgic yet contemporary look thanks to its red-brown coloured bricks. These bricks are stacked in an open 3D structure so daylight is filtered through the openings, which gives a magnificent play of light in the interior. Design: 2012 . client: private . surface: 174 m2


After an extensive study of the client’s lifestyle and wishes it was decided to renovate the house thoroughly and replace the old wing build in 1970. The house is located on a hill in a beautiful green setting to the south. The design places a strong emphasis on the outdoors, the connection between inside and outside and on the enjoyment of space and daylight. This is accomplished by means of floor-high continuous glazed sliding doors, opening up to large balconies and terraces. Design: 2012-2014 . client: private . surface: 365 m2