The Yileste store was awarded “Commerce Design Luxembourg 2017” for its renovation and interior design. Our inspiration we found in the urban lifestyle and architectural shapes in the collections of this young high-end fashion house. The design details are set in copper, in combination with rough natural steel. The vivid colours of the clothes retain their color tone due to researched decisions in color temperature and light intensity, yet does not interfere with the experience of fitting and choosing clothes. This experience and the collection were central to every design decision we made. Design+construction: 2014-2015 . completion: 2015 . client: yileste . surface: 45 m2. in collaboration with interior architect Sandra Petersson


The concept of this bar in Neudorf is a ’60s 70’s Berlin-style bar where people come to feel at home and at ease. The furniture and decoration is a mix of all different types and colors. The interior finishes are warm, funky and add a “balanced chaos” to the design. The bar is divided in three areas: the outside terrace made of pallet furniture, the lounge area in the back of the bar has comfortable couches and funky tables, and a front seating area that is colourfully inviting. Design: 2017 . construction: 2017 . completion: 2017 . client: private . surface: 50 m2